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‘Nerve-racking:’ Snake slithers out of air vent as woman drives πŸ˜²πŸ

WARRENTON, Va. -- What would you do if a snake slithered out of the vent in your vehicle while you were driving?!

It happened to Lora Goff.

She said she was driving in Warrenton, Virginia on Monday, June 4 when the garden snake came through her air vent and wrapped itself around her cellphone charging cable!

"Oh my goodness, it was really close," said Goff.

She pulled over and called 911.

Animal Control officials came out and tried to catch the snake, but it hid somewhere in the car. Goff and the Animal Control crews tried everything to get it out, but nothing worked.

"We tried all sorts of things -- running the air conditioning really cold. Running it hot. Everybody was telling me different things to do," said Goff.

Tired, Goff faced her fear, and drove away with the snake still inside!

"Um, nerve-racking! I just kept moving my feet on the floorboard to scare it. I just thought, 'nobody is going to believe this!'" said Goff.

She said she put glue traps under her seats and found the snake stuck on one soon after this ordeal.

β€œI just wanted to make sure the snake was out of my car and that was the only thing I could think of to do was put the glue strip down. I wanted to make sure I had proof it was gone," said Goff.

Police said increased rain can cause snakes to search for a dry place to stay.