This map will help you find the best beer in Milwaukee 🍻

MILWAUKEE — It’s a new way to find tasty beer in Milwaukee with The Original Brew City Beer Map. The map includes more than 40 breweries, beer tours, and beer gardens in the Milwaukee area.

According to a news release, the map offers “real Milwaukee beer experiences” and highlights the “density and richness of beer culture throughout the community.” Locals and visitors can experience the booming craft brewery scene in Milwaukee, while also enjoying the history of beer in America.

The Original Brew City Beer Map

Released at a special event at Lakefront Brewery on Thursday, June 21 the map is a collaboration between VISIT Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Craft Brewers League, Lakefront Brewery, Pabst Brewery, and Malteurop Malt Company.

To order your very own The Original Brew City Beer Map, or explore the digital version, CLICK HERE.