‘A totally different experience:’ Foxconn introduces technologies that could transform the 21st Century

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MOUNT PLEASANT -- Foxconn says what it's doing in Mount Pleasant is going to change the future. One of the top company executives showed FOX6's Brad Hicks some of the technology they believe will transform the 21st Century.

Hicks first met Sun Yueh-Way at the plant in Japan, which is the model for what Foxconn wants to build here in Wisconsin. Yueh-Way is the president of that plant, but since that meeting the plans in Wisconsin have changed and it's all about the size of the screens.

FOX6's Brad Hicks: "The original plan was a 10.5 generation but you guys decided to go with a '6G' instead, a six generation. Tell me about the difference between the two."

Sun Yueh-Way

Sun Yueh-Way: "The Gen 6 will give us a vehicle, an earlier vehicle to introduce those advanced technology to Wisconsin. That technology could enable not only the panels but also a lot of the applications for automobiles, avionics and also the biotechnologies."

The automobile application gives a smart car a new meaning.

"This gives you a totally different experience driving an automotive," said Sun.

They still plan to do big panels. Big, smart, interactive panels. And they'll be marketing them under the brand 'Flying Eagle.'

"We see how display reacts to inanimate objects so when the display or the object goes in front of the display, something happens to the screen," said Doug Woo.

Doug Woo is the COO of Flying Eagle Systems.

"Imagine a typical display, but instead of putting it in the living room next to a sofa, put it at the end of a dining table and extend the room. So now you have lunch with your sister in New York, by simply being at home and using the display and technology to extend telepresence, to be somewhere else without really being there. It's kind of a new way of socializing in the future," said Woo.

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