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Meals on Wheels delivers food and check on seniors in extreme heat to ‘make sure they’re safe’

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MILWAUKEE -- In this dangerous heat, Milwaukee County senior centers will have extended hours. There is also a big push to make sure the elderly, who are often more vulnerable to heat, stay safe.

Several senior centers are extending hours until 7 p.m. Friday, June 29. And some older adults in their homes are getting wellness checks.

Bob Brunow may not look like a hero but in this heat he can easily save a life. Brunow delivers meals to seniors for the Meals on Wheels program and sometimes he finds people in distress.

"I said are you OK, you're not OK are you. I knew something was wrong," Brunow said.

Brunow visits Joyce and Herb Hafemann daily through the program administered by Goodwill.

And in this heat the best thing for many seniors is to stay put.

Tom Gosett

"Part of what we do is a wellness check along with the food. The drivers most days, simply ask, 'How are you doing today?' 'I'm fine' and you move on," Tom Gosett with Goodwill said. "Some do take time to chit-chat with the seniors to make sure they're safe and comfortable in their homes."

"This morning  ran across clients of mine who didn't have the fan on," Brunow said. "I said 'Why don't you turn the fan on? It's going to get very warm and its warm already.'"

If you have any questions about where to go or how to stay cool, call 2-1-1. Operators are available around the clock.

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