Pewaukee beachgoers relieved after blue-green algae warning ends

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PEWAUKEE -- A day at the beach was nearly ruined for Pewaukee residents. The lake was closed Thursday, June 28 for high levels of algae and many looking to beat the heat needed to wait for the warning to be lifted.

"We just saw some caution tape and didn't really now what was going on," said Zach Zupke.

It's safe to say Pewaukee was cutting it pretty close because on the morning of one of the hottest days the beach was closed.

Closed, until Katie Schroeder and friends from the parks department, showed up.

Elevated levels of blue-green algae prompted the parks to close its beaches Thursday.

"I saw a dog in here yesterday thought oh gosh you should not be in the water so," said Schroeder.

Schroeder says the algae is harmful to people and pets if swallowed. By Friday, algae levels dropped and the caution tape came down and beach goers came out.

"We got here a little bit ago and there was a delay but we found stuff to do and now we are the first ones on the beach so it's all ours," said Zupke.

It only took a few minutes before Zach Zupke and his family had to share the sand -- and there's always a chance algae levels can go back up.

"I mean I'm not swimming... but I feel good putting my feet in," said a beachgoer.

That's not making any waves; the caution tape and barriers are down and are being kept at City Hall in case the blue-green algae levels go back up and so will they.

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