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Alcoholic pop-sickles and kimchi hot dogs, just 2 of the new food items at Veterans Park πŸŽ†

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MILWAUKEE -- Along Milwaukee's lakefront Tuesday, July 3, ahead of the big U.S. Bank Fireworks show, people were stopping by the traditional vendors, selling things like hot dogs, fries, balloons and various toys.

FOX6's Angelica Sanchez went out to find some new and unique additions to this year's lineup.

Some of the newer vendors said they wanted to give those gathered for the fireworks some variety -- starting with "Linnea's Pops & Liqkers." The woman behind the tasty frozen treat said they took a favorite childhood treat and crafted unique ice pops.

Some of the pops contain alcohol, while others are alcohol free for the youngsters to enjoy. Coming in a variety of flavors, the alcohol pops include a jalapeno mango margarita, while the non-alcoholic treat has a rosemary lemonade flavor.

They just had non-alcoholic treats at Veterans Park Tuesday so everyone could enjoy them.

They are trying to make themselves known this summer.

"We're going to be at a few other festivals this summer, so hoping people will start knowing we're out here," she said.

Those with the Japanese restaurant "Tanpopo Ramen & Sushi," which is Japanese for "dandelion," were selling egg rolls, pot stickers and kimchi hot dogs. Unlike a traditional hot dog, it is topped with kimchi -- a type of sauerkraut.

"We see lots of people here -- they have hot dogs and fries, and I said 'we will bring some of our Asian flair to this park,' so that's how we made it here and along with beautiful fireworks that we're looking forward to," said Jenny Shyu, Tanpopo Ramen & Sushi.

It's not all about the food. A variety of vendors were set up -- selling everything from light-up toys and flags to handcrafted candles and frames.

The hottest selling item we found was masks that light up when you talk, and you can also adjust it so it lights up depending on the sound around you. The sales associate with "Event Toyz" said they sell pretty well.

"They are different kind of voice-activated masks and it's not just one light. It actually goes with levels and you can adjust the microphones, so if you want it to light up with you talking, it will do it for you," said Greg Turner.

If light-up gadgets aren't your thing, the ladies behind the shop "Inspired by Henna" based in Menomonee Falls and Waukesha were new this year --Β selling handcrafted candles, frames and other home decorations inspired by Indian culture. They said everything is made by hand and no stencils are used, making each item one-of-a-kind.

"We just started like, three or four months back, so that's the reason we are here for the first time," said Pooja Jain, Inspired by Henna.

Most vendors would be out until the fireworks start at dusk Tuesday.

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