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Pay attention at the pump: Authorities ask that you watch for skimmers this July 4 holiday

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MILWAUKEE -- Pay attention at the pumps during the Fourth of July holiday. That was the warning Tuesday, July 3 from the United States Secret Service -- with card skimming scams across the country.

With a lot of people hitting the road during the holiday, authorities asked that you be on the lookout when filling up.

"I always just use a card because it is really quick and easy," said Wiley Wick.

It takes around $2 for Wick to fill up his moped. While doing so, he said his financial security is always top of mind.

"I've kind of checked and looked for anything suspicious, but I have never seen anything," said Wick.

The Secret Service said there's been a disturbing surge in thieves stealing credit card information with skimmers.

"I've heard about that, but I've never had any issues with it," said Wick.

And during the summer, more people are hitting the road for fun with family and friends.

"I have so much to deal with on my mind. I can't worry about that," said David Solochek.

Card skimmers can pull your credit card information, which can then be wirelessly transferred to a scammer.

"Skimming devices can take a lot of private information from people and really cause a big headache to the credit card users," said Detective Eric Lindstrom with the Greenfield Police Department.

Detective Lindstrom encouraged drivers to look closely before swiping.

"If you touch the machine and something moves or something comes off of it, it's likely there could be a skimming device on it," said Lindstrom.

To reduce the chance of having your information stolen, authorities say you should pay with cash. It's the method Lauryn Wagner uses most often.

"Definitely doesn't make me feel good. That's kind of scary, so I guess I'm just going to keep doing it this way," said Wagner.

If you don't carry cash, authorities say you can pay inside the gas station to reduce your chance of having credit card information stolen.

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