‘She is my future wife:’ Jefferson man accused of stalking woman, impersonating officer

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Daren Maron

RACINE COUNTY -- Daren Maron, 53, of Jefferson is charged in Racine County with stalking and impersonating a peace officer.  The charges stem from a report that was taken by police on Tuesday, June 19.

According to a criminal complaint, the victim in this case told police she met Maron, who goes by several names, including "Daren Poison Luv," "Ed Maron" and "Christopher Otter" three years ago while living elsewhere in Wisconsin.

The two apparently became friends and Maron began to pay the woman's bills and buy her gifts. The woman told police she denied ever being in a relationship with Maron. The complaint indicates "Maron sexually assaulted her on one occasion." After that, the woman told police she ended her friendship with Maron and "that is when he began to harass her."

The complaint indicates Maron would call the woman's landlords and employers and "say bad things about her." Those statements "caused her to be terminated from one job and evicted from one apartment." While she was living in Jefferson, Maron allegedly "called every apartment complex claiming to be (the woman's) boss, saying he had a check to give her." He ended up getting her address -- and confronted the woman "saying that he had spent a lot of money buying her things." Maron threatened to call police and claim she was stealing from him, the complaint says.

After a number of incidents, in June of 2017, the woman moved to Kenosha to try to escape Maron. He didn't know where she lived, but allegedly continued to contact her on Facebook and would ask where she was living. He eventually discovered where she was living, and allegedly showed up at her Kenosha home. She told him to leave, which he did after an argument, the complaint says.

She eventually moved to Racine in March of 2018. The complaint says at one point, Maron showed up at her home there, grabbed her, punched her and left her in pain and fear. He allegedly told her she needed to "come home with him." Maron eventually left, but allegedly continued to show up there after that incident. The complaint says he used chalk to write an apology on the sidewalk, and he would also leave gifts and lingerie outside her door. Neighbors indicated he would sit outside her home numerous times during a given day. Deputies confirmed that with logs from the Racine Police Department.

The complaint says he even showed up at her court appearances in Racine County -- whispering that he loved her and wanted to be with her, which caused her to feel uncomfortable. On one occasion, he allegedly gave her a package containing an engagement ring.

During this investigation, the complaint says it was learned that a man identifying himself as "Investigator Reese" with the Beloit Police Department called the Racine County clerk to ask for the woman's current address, which was sealed by the court. The call-back number matched that of Maron, according to the complaint. The complaint says it was learned through the woman's attorney that Maron had texted him several times, and in one message, begged him to let Maron help the woman "because she is my future wife."

A temporary restraining order was granted on June 19 after prosecutors say the woman reported suffering PTSD-like anxiety as a result of Maron's alleged actions.

He was arrested and police noted his past convictions -- dating back to 1996 -- and a history of incarceration dating back to 1997.

A Racine County judge set cash bond for Maron at $25,000. Maron is due back in court for his preliminary hearing on Thursday, July 12.

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