Milwaukee County Parks: Reports of altercations between coyotes, pets off-leash

WAUWATOSA — Milwaukee County Parks has received reports of altercations between coyotes and pets off-leash, including one at County Grounds this week.  That’s according to a post on the Wauwatosa Police Department’s Facebook page.

The post also says the following:

Summer means coyotes and their young pups are exploring their home territory, so it is natural to see an increase in sightings. It is not abnormal for a coyote to escort you out of their range by following you and your pet.

“Protect your pets by keeping them on a leash on parkland. If you come in contact with a coyote, use aggressive hazing techniques such as loud noises, large movements, or throwing sticks.”

“If hazing is not effective and a coyote is showing aggressive behavior such as growling or snapping, remove yourself and your pet from the area and contact Milwaukee County Parks.”

You can report any sightings or encounters with coyotes to the Milwaukee County Coyote Watch.