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Animal expert weighs in on dog attack at Mid-Michigan PetSmart

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SAGINAW TOWNSHIP, Mich. — An animal expert is weighing in after a pit bull killed a beagle outside a Mid-Michigan Petsmart.

Police say the animal’s owner lost control of her dog in the store parking lot.

Pits have gained a bad reputation in some circles.

A pit bull escaped its owner’s control and attacked a beagle at a Petsmart parking lot in Saginaw Township Tuesday afternoon.

The beagle died of its injuries.

When TV5 brought you this story, our Facebook page lit up with comments about pit bulls and if they’re truly a dangerous breed.

It’s clearly a divisive topic, so we visited the Midland Humane Society to ask an expert.

“Are these dogs misunderstood,” said Beth Wellman from the Midland Humane Society. “To some extent, animals are animals so they’re going to react as such so we as owners have to be responsible for their behaviors.”

We read Wellman some of the Facebook comments.

“This pit should’ve been put down on the spot. It should have been muzzled. Pits are genetically dog aggressive and owned by way too many people incompetent in controlling them,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Pit bulls are a terrier and any terrier is somewhat tenacious and may be apt for more higher energy,” Wellman said. “Maybe a higher prey drive. But I don’t feel they have a predisposition to being dog aggressive.”

“Owner are 100 percent to blame. If my pit bulls hurt someone or another animal it’s my fault. I did not have them restrained or properly trained. Know your dog,” wrote another Facebook user.

“I don’t know the owner so it’s hard to lay complete blame there, but ultimately like I said they’re animals,” Wellman said. “A dog is a dog is a dog. You do have to be responsible to make sure your dog is under your control and I have not found from 20 years of doing this, I have not found pit bulls to more aggressive than any other type of dog.”

Wellman said any situation involving a big dog and a small dog should be more closely monitored.

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