‘Excited to see it:’ Iconic Smiley Barn in Delafield gets fresh paint, new grin and new owner ðŸ˜Š

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The Smiley Barn

DELAFIELD -- What was once a bonafide roadside attraction is getting new life, thanks to a new owner. A new coat of paint has Delafield residents smiling again.

It's been a long time since the old 'Smiley Barn' has looked so good.

"We're so excited to see it," said Mike Smith, Dick Smith's Live Bait and Tackle.

The Smiley Barn

Mike Smith

"Then they had to scrape and get it prepped," said Smith.

A peek around the corner shows its age a little better.

Mike Smith and his sister, Becky, don't own the building, but their family has operated a bait shop on the ground floor for nearly 40 years.

"Started the business in 1982. Our father, Dick Smith, had the business and it was a gray barn back then," said Smith.

The Smiley Barn

The roadside barn was famous in the area for its feel-good yellow color, and great big smile.

"From '82 to 2002, it had a smile. It had a smile face," said Smith.

The Smiley Barn

Passing time faded the color and the smile eventually went away. Both are coming back.

"Started putting paint on Saturday (July 7). Our customers are excited. They are walking in the door smiling," said Smith.

The Smiley Barn

The barn's new owner is opening a toy and candy store, and figures a giant smile will fit right in.

Maria Luther

"Everyone is so excited and so supportive. The business is going to be called 'The Smiley Barn' because it's pointless to name it anything else. Everyone is still going to call this place 'The Smiley Barn,'" said Maria Luther, owner.

Painting the barn was already halfway finished Tuesday, July 10.

"The yellow that you see is called 'beeswax.' Very friendly and appropriate," said Luther.

Weather permitting, we can expect a custom smile to be installed on Aug. 8, and the toy and candy store will open on Aug, 18.

The Smiley Barn

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