Police: Day care worker arrested after mother alleged 8-month-old son suffered abuse

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police said Tuesday, July 10 a day care worker has been arrested for child neglect in connection with an abuse allegation on July 6 at the Harvest Learning Center near 59th and Appleton.

Rahzeena Hamilton says her 8-month-old son was abused at the day care, and there was a protest there Monday, with Hamilton and others demanding answers. Hamilton said Monday she would be outside the day care every day until she finds out how her baby was hurt, and who did it.

A small group had a big presence outside the Harvest Learning Center on Monday morning. Hamilton and some of her family members rallied outside the day care after a disturbing incident on Friday morning, July 6.

“I want this building to get shut down. All I was thinking about was my baby — my baby,” said Hamilton.

Rahzeena Hamilton

Rahzeena Hamilton

Hamilton says day care officials claimed her son suffered an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite, but his injuries, bruises and bite marks, are indicative of something far worse.

“This is the result that happened from an innocent baby that was supposed to be trusted with these people,” said Hamilton.

With signs in hand, Hamilton and others demanded answers — protesting outside the day care Monday morning.

Harvest Learning Center day care in Milwaukee

“I want the world to know about this situation. You have something to hide, and I feel like she harmed my baby,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said she questions whether the day care worker’s actions may have resulted in a change to her son Judale Malone’s demeanor.

“He really doesn’t like people now, ever since this happened. He’s been very aggressive. I feel like they traumatized him or something happened. He is not his normal self,” said Hamilton.

Their signs and chants were met with a Bible and prayer from the day care owners. Things got heated when one of the owners appeared to be smirking and smiling at one point.

“Him laughing — that’s funny? I just don’t understand. I don’t — and you laugh laugh in my face? Why?” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said she’s frustrated and upset.

Rahzeena Hamilton

“We just want justice. That is it. I’m going to go to the courts, but I will go to sleep better at night knowing who harmed my innocent baby,” said Hamilton.

The day care owners declined to comment on camera.

Meanwhile, past inspections have revealed at least 16 health and safety violations at the day care over the past three years, including tripping hazards and low temperatures in rooms.


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