‘Scary:’ Neighbors concerned amid warning from police about suspicious man who allegedly followed girls

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WEST ALLIS -- West Allis police are seeking a suspect, accused of following two juvenile females "under suspicious circumstances." Police on Tuesday evening, July 10 released photos of the suspect vehicle in this case.

West Allis police release photos of suspect vehicle after girls approached near I-894 and Greenfield

West Allis police release photos of suspect vehicle after girls approached near I-894 and Greenfield

It happened Monday, July 9 around 11 a.m. near I-894 and Greenfield.

I-894 and Greenfield

Police said the suspect, in a silver Chevrolet pickup truck, followed the juveniles as they walked home eastbound on the south side of Greenfield near the on/exit ramps to 894. Police said the vehicle pulled up next to them and stopped, and the driver motioned for them to come toward the truck and "get in."

Renee Sanders

"I'm always concerned -- because I'm a parent myself and a grandparent," said Renee Sanders, neighbor.

Sanders says there are a lot of children in the West Allis neighborhood where this happened.

"You figure with the church and the school, they have summer activities," said Sanders.

Police said the females eventually started to walk along a side street, east of the original location of the incident, and observed the same Chevrolet vehicle turn onto that street. The females ran from the area.

Hali Hendges

I-894 and Greenfield

"I would honestly always take someone with you, someone you can feel comfortable with, or have a phone if you're old enough to -- or stay someplace where there are cameras, but honestly stay safe with someone, someone you can trust," said Hali Hendges, neighbor.

The pickup truck is described as a silver Chevrolet, possibly a 2008 model. The pickup is described as having a lift kit, 20” black and silver rims, no cap and a loud muffler.

The driver of the pickup is described as a male, Hispanic or white with a heavy tan, in his 20s or 30s, with short dark hair. He was wearing sunglasses.

"If it were me in the situation, I would have probably just like made sure I stayed on a busy street so if something were to happen, someone could see and tell others I guess. You would have record of it -- or call my mom right away. She's the one I go to, but I don't know what I would do. That's scary," said a young neighbor.

West Allis police have made no arrests -- but they're warning the public to be vigilant.

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