‘Lock your doors:’ Germantown police report 2 dozen car break-ins, burglaries overnight

GERMANTOWN -- Germantown police have issued a warning to residents after a rash of break-ins and thefts occurred overnight Tuesday, July 10. As of Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m., a total of 16 incidents had been reported.

Police said the area south of Freistadt Road was hit, with reports of thefts occurring on Sylvan Circle. Unlocked and locked vehicles were targeted, a garage was burglarized and one vehicle was reported stolen.

According to police, the suspect(s) may be using an access tool to gain entry into the locked vehicles.

A woman living near Jefferson Lane and Pilgrim said thieves took $60 from her glove-box.

"My husband leaves this morning for work and he comes in at like 7:30 and says 'you have to get up! The car was broken into last night.' Everything was ransacked," she said.

She said her daughter's backpack was tossed from the trunk.

"You know, we always lock our doors. The window wasn't broke, so I must have left it unlocked," she said.

The number of incidents doubled by Wednesday evening as more people were able to take a closer look in their driveways.

Katy Murphy

"I think they came here because there's a bunch of apartments, so there will be a lot of cars," said Katy Murphy.

Murphy wasn't hit, but she said she's concerned about a vehicle stolen from a home on Stoneridge Drive between the late hours of Tuesday night and early hours of Wednesday morning.

"Lock your doors. Park them in the garage if you can," said Murphy.

Police said they have no witnesses or descriptions of the suspects.

If anyone has recorded suspicious activity on their exterior home camera systems, you're asked to contact the Germantown Police Department at 262-253-7780.