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Search party gathers to help family search for missing Glendale teen: ‘Please come home’

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GLENDALE -- Volunteers searched the streets of Milwaukee for a missing Glendale teen Thursday, July 12. Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck, 16, was last seen by her family on July 1.

The search party gathered near 42nd and Villard.

"We had a tip that Teenasia was seen in this area," said Annemarie Scobey-Polacheck, Teenasia's mother.

Each volunteer on a mission to locate the missing teen.

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck

Anne-Marie Scobey-Polacheck

"Everyone is really committed to finding Teenasia," said Annemarie.

Teenasia hopped on her bicycle and left her Glendale home on July 1. Her parents say she was angry because they had taken away her cellphone for texting an older man.

"There is no city that a 16-year-old should be without her parents," said Annemarie.

Teenasia's mother hopes someone along the route can be the key to unlocking the mystery.

"We want them to know her and be introduced to her so that if they see her they can help bring her home to us," Annemarie said.

Community activist Tory Lowe is helping saturate the neighborhood.

"She needs to be at home. She doesn't need to be in these streets," Lowe said.

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck

The group is asking anyone who sees something to say something.

"Pull out their cellphones, get as much information as they can and report it to the authorities," said Lowe.

Annemarie has a plea for her daughter.

"Come back, join your life and please come home," she said.

As the day turned to dusk the group ended with a prayer circle pleading for protection, strength and a safe return home.

Family members are planning another search Friday, July 13.

Glendale police are also looking for the teen. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Glendale Police Department at 414-228-1753.

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