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‘It’s amazing:’ Kids use lemonade stand to raise money for Sun Prairie relief funds

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Courtesy: WMTV

SUN PRAIRIE — Donations have been pouring in from across the area after Tuesday’s explosion. Here’s how some of Sun Prairie’s youngest residents are finding a way to turn lemons into lemonade, according to FOX6’s sister station WMTV.

It’s a sweet summertime tradition — some quick cash by serving up a glass of lemonade.

For 9-year-old Tess and 12-year olds Elena and Grace, what they want to do with this cold hard cash will no doubt warm your heart.

“We’re thinking of presenting it to the bank of Sun Prairie and they will divide it between the Salvation Army, Red Cross, to help the people who don’t have their homes right now,” Grace said. “And maybe to help support the people who have been injured, and the one fireman whose life has been lost.”

“Yes lets pray for him,” Tess said.

Living just a mile from the explosion, Grace said, “I saw this huge mushroom of smoke over there.”

These girls knew they had to do something to help. They mixed up some lemonade and set up shop.

“I was thinking we might raise $50, but inside I was thinking more like $30-$35,” Grace said. “But I’m like whoa, where did all this come from?”

In just two hours — their animal cracker jar quickly filled up.

Courtesy: WMTV

“Nobody wanted change. It’s amazing,” Grace said.

It’s more than just dimes, quarters and dollar bills.

“Our neighbor, their parents actually gave us a $50,” Tess said. “It was crazy — no lemonade. Nothing.”

Three girls are taking a sour time in their community and sending people away with more than a sweet glass of lemonade.

“We raised over $200,” Elena said.

“The message right now is to keep your family close at this time and to keep your heads up and smiling you know sometime this is hard to process. This may be hard for some people who lost a fireman people who lost their businesses who lost their jobs lost all that money,” Grace said. “Just keep smiling because sometimes a smile can help you through the hardest times.”

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