Search for Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck: Status of missing teen changed to ‘endangered’

GLENDALE -- The status of a missing Glendale teen, Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck, has been changed from "missing" to "endangered." Her family was joined by about 30 volunteers to canvass parts of Milwaukee's north side to search for the 16-year-old on Friday, July 13.

"Every door, every car," said Tory Lowe, community activist.

The group came together at 7th and Burleigh, on a mission to bring home Teenasia.

"Teenasia, if you're watching this, please just come home," said Annemarie Scobey-Polacheck, Teenasia's mom.

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck

The family was joined by volunteers and community organizer, Tory Lowe, to canvass the area and hand out flyers to everyone.

The teen disappeared July 1. Her family says she hopped on her bicycle and left home after she was told to stop texting an older man.

Friday, police upgraded her status to endangered.

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck

"She's with us, she's part of us, we're missing one of our cogs, she's our wheel," Annemarie said.

Annemarie Scobey-Polacheck

Among those searching is the teen's older brother, Liam. He stopped at various homes on Friday looking for answers.

The efforts moved to Sherman Park where volunteers continued on.

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck

While Teenasia remains missing, loved ones are not giving up hope -- knowing their family will soon be whole again.

"We're waiting for you, we love you. We want you home, we miss you," said Annemarie.

Glendale police continue to investigate and have sent out a statewide alert.

Meantime, family and friends will be out again Saturday, July 14 looking for Teenasia.

Any information regarding Teenasia’s disappearance should be provided to the Glendale Police Department at 414-228-1753.

Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck