Watch: Watt brothers star in Gatorade’s 14th annual ‘Beat the Heat’ commericals

PEWAUKEE — J.J. Watt and his brothers, T.J. and Derek, have teamed up with Gatorade to educate athletes about hydration and heat safety.

On Thursday, July 12, Gatorade shared videos on social media as part of their 14th annual Gatorade “Beat the Heat” campaign with help from the Watt brothers.

According to Gatorade, the public service announcements, “educates athletes across all sports about the importance of hydration during the hot summer months.”

In one of the videos, you can spot “PHS Pirate Pride” in the background as they filmed on Pewaukee High School’s football field. And another PSA was recorded with their dad, John Watt.

Gatorade also shared some hilarious outtakes made by the family during the filming process.

They are all videos you just have to see!

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