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Couple hopes to find owner of diamond ring found ‘in perfect condition’ on side of road

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****Embargo Phoenix*** A Mesa woman and her husband found a diamond ring on the side of the road.

MESA, Ariz. — Have you ever lost something sentimental you hoped and prayed someone would find and return? A Mesa, Arizona woman and her husband found a diamond ring on the side of the road. Instead of keeping it, they’re looking for its rightful owner.

Kelly Anguish was coming home from a long weekend at the lake fishing and camping with her husband.

“We were driving on (State Route) 87 last weekend when we heard some noise coming from the trailer,” Anguish said. “It sounded like clanking metal and it was just coming down from the tire area, underneath there, and that’s about where he found it.”

A quarter-carat diamond solitaire.

“It wasn’t all banged up and stuff. It was just perfect condition,” Anguish said.

She didn’t know what to think.

“I just thought, ‘well, now what am I going to do with it? Now I have to find the owner,’” Anguish said.

She inspected the white gold band looking for any signs of any special engravings.

No luck.

“It says 14 karats on the inside,” Anguish said.

She took it to a jeweler, who confirmed it was, in fact, a real diamond.

“It’s not thousands of dollars. It’s just a nice ring, and for whoever lost it, I’m sure it means a lot to them. I hope that they see the news and say, ‘that’s my ring!'” Anguish said.

Dollar value aside, she says she’s more moved by the sentimental value.

“You know, rings mean something. They’re sentimental. My rings for instance — my daughter made this one in high school for me, and my husband gave this one to me for my birthday, and this one, for Mother’s Day,” Anguish explained. “There’s always a reason or meaning behind a ring.”

You have to consider, what are the odds, of all the miles, of all the stretches of this long state freeway, to have pulled over in just the right spot to find this lost treasure?

“It’s weird. It’s very weird. When we were driving, my husband wanted to pull over off the 87 on this one spot, and I said ‘no — don’t pull off here. Keep going down a little ways,’ because the shoulder to me didn’t look very wide, especially with the boat. I don’t know. Maybe it was just meant to be that we were out there that day, and we were in the right spot at the right moment, and it was right by the tire, so maybe somebody else’s tire was right in the same spot!” Anguish said.

What’s the backstory on this little diamond? Was there a fight? Did someone toss it out a window? Did it slip off a finger during a tire change?

Surely, people will make up stories to try to claim it, but Anguish said she still believes, maybe with the luck it took her to find it, the rightful owner will hear it’s been found.

“I just want to find the right person,” she said. “Even if it was money laying on the side of the road, I would still try to find the owner. I would! I found money before at stores and just gave it to the manager.”

“There are still honest people in the world. I just think what goes around comes around, and I’ve always been very lucky and very blessed,” Anguish said.

So how will they know who is the rightful owner?

If you or someone you know wants to claim this ring, write up how you lost it and more importantly, where you lost it. Since State Route 87 is a very long road, pinpointing the crossroad it was lost near should help determine to whom this really belongs.

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