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‘Adrenaline kicked in:’ Good Samaritan who rescued bicyclist who fell through drawbridge speaks out

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LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. — A Fourth of July celebration ended in chaos when a woman on a bicycle fell into the seam of a bridge as it was lifting. It was caught on camera — and complete strangers rushed to her aid.

Nic Reisdorf, 25, of Little Chute, jumped into the seam of the Racine Street Bridge in Menasha to help the wayward bicyclist.

“It took a second for it to actually hit that she fell down in the bridge and we were five cars back and it was hard to see and it was, like, ‘I think that just happened,'” said Reisdorf.

Reisdorf said he was five cars back in the line of traffic when he saw the unsteady cyclist hit the safety arms on the drawbridge — and then just the tire of her bike. When no one else got out of their cars to help, he figured he needed to jump in.

“You wonder what happened. Did she fall down in the water? Is she still on the bridge? Is the bridge going to close? That was my main thought, was that the bridge was going to close and she was still going to be down there — so just go down and pull her up,” said Reisdorf.

According to Reisdorf, it was only about a three-foot drop. The woman was bloody after hitting her face, but he lifted her to safety, and then her bike.

“I think the adrenaline kicked in at that point. No, I wasn’t really scared. No — that wasn’t really an issue. Just helping someone else out,” said Reisdorf.

Residorf said he was simply doing what he believes everyone should do when someone needs help.

“I don’t think of it as an international hero. That is just jumping down to do the right thing,” said Reisdorf.

Moving forward, he said he hopes others will pitch in to help strangers when they need it.

Meanwhile. police say alcohol was likely a factor in this incident. The investigation is ongoing.

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