‘Glad they caught him:’ 3 in custody after pursuit that began when officers saw shooting

MILWAUKEE -- A police chase on Milwaukee's north side ended with several arrests early Wednesday morning, July 25. It started when Milwaukee police officers on patrol saw a man fire a gun near 14th and Atkinson.

Shooting near 14th and Atkinson

Shooting near 14th and Atkinson

Shooting near 14th and Atkinson

Dimitri Holowfield

Police said when officers saw one man fire a gun at another, they saw the suspect walk away and get into a waiting vehicle. Police chased that vehicle through several neighborhoods until four people jumped out at 41st and Sheridan and took off.

"I was in my house right here at 41st and Custer, and my dad heard a lot of commotion in the alley," said Dimitri Holowfield.

Police were able to arrest three people, including the man they believe to be the shooter.

"There were a lot of police with dogs and they were chasing someone. I went outside. They told me to go back into the house," said Holowfield.

Police pursuit ends near 41st and Sheridan

Police pursuit ends near 41st and Sheridan

FOX6 News obtained surveillance video of the crime. Witnesses say the victim was shot and then ran across the street bleeding. He then ran back to a bar that was open.

While one squad chased the suspect vehicle, another squad quickly came to help the victim.

"I'm glad they caught him," said Holowfield.

While Milwaukee police officers saw the gun being fired in this case, they are still looking into a motive.

The building where the victim was standing when he was shot is vacant and boarded up -- so there aren't many clues there.