‘Did you see it go down?’ 911 calls released after fatal plane crash in Sheboygan Falls

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Plane crash in Sheboygan Falls courtesy Andrew Baumann

SHEBOYGAN FALLS -- A World War II-era plane crashed in Sheboygan Falls -- killing the pilot and injuring two others. It happened on Friday, July 20, and on Wednesday, July 25, the 911 calls were released.

Charred farming equipment remained at "Fly-By Acres" after the plane barreled through a barn. Immediately after it happened, the 911 calls started coming in.

911 caller: "Got a plane down in a farm yard. Buildings on fire."

The plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Sheboygan County Memorial Airport. It struck the barn where calves are housed -- killing several of them.

Dispatcher: "Did you see it go down, sir?"

911 caller: "I did."

Dispatcher: "OK. And where are you right now?"

911 caller: "I'm on the airport looking at the smoke."

The pilot, 50-year-old Martin Tibbitts of Michigan was killed.

Martin Tibbitts

Dispatcher: "Did you know who was flying the plane by chance or no?"

911 caller: "Yes. He was a good friend of mine."

Two farm employees were severely injured at Fly-By Acres.

911 caller: "I have two employees in the barn and the barn's on fire. One is laying outside. He's trapped."

Dispatcher: "You have two?"

911 caller: "Pardon?"

Dispatcher: "Employees inside, you said?"

911 caller: "Inside the barn that's on fire."

Sheboygan Falls Fire Chief Bob Kroeplien, who also grew up on the farm, responded to the blaze.

"The fuel was spilled all over," Chief Kroeplien said.

Because of that, farm officials are  waiting for soil tests to come back, as they continue the clean-up effort.

"We're still trying to work through our everyday chores on top of having to deal with all of this as well," said Rachel Kroeplien, family owns the farm.

On Wednesday, FOX6 News learned one of the injured Fly-By Acres' employees remains in serious condition. The other has been released from the hospital.

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