Improve your athletic skills, learn techniques for preventing injury and reach optimal performance

MILWAUKEE -- It's not quite personal training and it's not physical therapy -- it's something in between. Carl spent the morning checking out the Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) at Froedtert's Sports Medicine Center.

About Performance Enhancement Program (website)

We help athletes of all levels (age 12 and up) improve their athletic skills, learn techniques for preventing injury and, ultimately, reach their optimal athletic performance.

Athletes participating in PEP receive the benefit of training with exercise specialists focused on your fitness and health. Through PEP, you can achieve an increase in strength, endurance, and speed. Whether you are an individual, group or team, we have the expertise, the facility and the passion to help you elevate your game and athletic ability.

Fitness Evaluation

PEP starts with a musculoskeletal screening that leads to a customized plan aimed at achieving your objectives and fixing any muscle imbalances. Our instructors use proven training techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to help you maximize your athletic potential. Additionally, all of our programs focus on injury prevention.