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Man dies from 2 bee stings

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BOSTON — A New Hampshire woman is on a mission to get people tested for bee allergies after her husband died from two stings. The 34-year-old was allergic and had an EpiPen, but it wasn’t enough.

“They told us Brian would never be Brian again,” Mandi Baker said. Last week, Mandi’s husband was disconnected from life support just 72 hours after he suffered a pair of bee stings.

“Heart of gold, he would do anything for anyone,” Mandi told WBZ-TV’s David Wade.

The 34-year-old construction worker was wiring his soon-to-be screened-in porch Saturday before last, when it started to rain. As he rounded up his tools to go inside, he was stung by two yellow jackets, once on the wrist and once on the ankle.

“I immediately grabbed his EpiPen and administered it,” Mandi said.

His last three bee encounters had sent him to the hospital, but this was worse. Brian seemed to get better initially, but never regained consciousness.

Mandi and the Baker family now hope others can learn from it. If you suspect a loved one is allergic to stings or bites, get an EpiPen and get them tested to be certain what you’re up against.

“We thought it was very serious, but not life threatening, no,” said Brian Baker Sr.

Brian’s dad says he’s thankful his son had found a happy place in life and that his hometown has stood by them in tragedy.

“I don’t think you can appreciate the small town strength unless you’ve experienced it,” Baker said.

Had Brian survived, his wife says they would have explored treatments that toughen the patient’s immune system against such toxins. They hope others will now consider it.

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