Heaven’s Gait Ranch ‘is a nonprofit, therapeutic riding center’ in Cedar Grove

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CEDAR GROVE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Heaven's Gait Ranch -- a therapeutic riding center in Cedar Grove.

About Heaven's Gait Ranch (website)

Heaven’s Gait Ranch is a nonprofit, therapeutic riding center whose mission is to build a compassionate community that embraces individuals who recognize the need to heal and challenge their adversity to grow.

Heaven’s Gait Ranch strives to be a community leader in improving the quality of life in individuals with special needs and disabilities through equine-assisted activities and therapies.

While offering equine-assisted activities and therapeutic services to individuals in need, Heaven’s Gait Ranch will create an extended family who cares for the well-being of its fellow man: stranger or neighbor. This family understands the need to care for that whole person—mind, body, and soul. Therefore, because Heaven’s Gait Ranch was founded under our Christian values, we will strive to lead by example and offer opportunities for children, teenagers, young adults, veterans, and retirees to grow in these ways—not just as riders but also as volunteers.

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