Video: Surveillance camera from business captures natural gas explosion in Sun Prairie

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SUN PRAIRIE -- We have a new perspective on the natural gas explosion that rattled Sun Prairie on July 10. The blast was caught on nearby surveillance video.

Authorities say a construction crew struck a gas main in downtown Sun Prairie on July 10, resulting in the explosion. Fire Captain Cory Barr was killed as he helped evacuate people prior to the blast. Eleven other people were hurt. Six buildings were destroyed.

The new video we're seeing was perched on the Sun Prairie Utilities building just a block away. In it, people can be seen watching activity happening a block away, as firefighters evacuate the area after the gas main was struck.

In a flash everything changes. The explosion so powerful it rocked the camera and seemingly everything else.

A closer look shows one man move just in the time as debris rains down from above. Another man is seen falling down as he moves backwards after the blast.

911 caller: "Oh my God!"

Dispatcher: "Take a deep breath."

911 caller: "I'm sorry ma'am. I was just standing and it went boom."

Calls to 911 flooded in as the blast could be seen and felt for miles away. The surveillance camera captured the fiery aftermath after the sun went down.

911 caller: "Everything in my bedroom has been blown. My kitchen has been blown, the living room and my kitchen and bedroom. The man across the hall from me, everything is out of his house. It all blew up."

While investigators know who broke the gas line, it's still unknown what caused the blast.

The area is still blocked; instigators have handed the scene back to the city who is in the process of cleaning the area.

An investigation continues to try to determine what rocked the small city to its core, forever changing the landscape.


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