‘You can all leave:’ Outburst in court as judge sentences power lifting coach to prison for sexting student

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MILWAUKEE — There was chaos in the courtroom on Monday, July 30 as a former Cudahy High School power lifting coach was sentenced for sending sexually charged videos to a 17-year-old girl.

As the sentence was being handed down by Judge Jeffrey Conen for Kurt Wojciechowski, convicted on four felony counts of exposing a child to harmful material, a member of Kurt Wojciechowski’s family yelled from the gallery in disapproval.

Judge Jeffrey Conen: “Spend three years in the Wisconsin state prison system.”

Judge Jeffrey Conen

“What?” said a member of Wojciechowski’s family, from the gallery.

Judge Conen: “Alright — out!”

Judge Jeffrey Conen

“What? What’s going on? She specifically went behind the victim’s mother, and touched her, and said something,” the family member said.

Judge Conen: “Alright, arrest her please.”

Some in the courtroom gallery reacted by groaning.

Judge Conen: “And now you can all leave. You all want to be arrested? Lets go! I’m hitting the panic button. We’ll get more deputies up here then.”

Sentencing for Kurt Wojciechowski

Kurt Wojciechowski

That outburst filled the courtroom as the judge sentenced Wojciechowski to two years in prison and four years of extended supervision.

“Words cannot do justice for how extremely sorry I am for what I’ve done to your family,” said Wojciechowski during the sentencing hearing.

Wojciechowski served as a teacher and coach for the victim, and a friend of her family. The victim’s mother said it was only after learning about their relationship that she found out her daughter had a key to his apartment.

“When they weren’t together they were texting each other always about some aspect about power lifting is what I was told,” said the victim’s mother.

She described how things were worse than she thought.

Mother of victim in Sentencing for Kurt Wojciechowski case

Kurt Wojciechowski

“He told (the victim) that if she wanted to have children, he’d have his vasectomy reversed,” said the victim’s mother.

Judge Conen said he needed to make an example of Wojciechowski — so teachers will stop preying on their students.

“This is beyond disturbing,” said Judge Conen.

Kurt Wojciechowski

As for that outburst, a public information officer with Milwaukee County told FOX6 News after the gallery was kicked out, the judge spoke with the woman who started it all and she was determined to not be a threat — and was released.

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