Governor Scott Walker’s campaign launches 4 regional Foxconn ads

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign is launching four new television ads touting Foxconn Technology Group’s economic impact on Wisconsin.

The ads will begin running Tuesday in Green Bay, western Wisconsin, northern Wisconsin and southeastern Wisconsin in an effort to convince voters that the Foxconn project will benefit the entire state, not just the southeast.

Each features workers from that region speaking about how the flat-screen plant Foxconn is building in Mount Pleasant will help their businesses. Walker appears in each ad promising Foxconn won’t get state incentives if it doesn’t create jobs or invest in Wisconsin.

Walker signed a bill last year handing the Taiwanese electronics giant up to $4.5 billion in incentives. Critics maintain the state is giving up too much to one company and the Mount Pleasant plant will have little impact outside of southeastern Wisconsin.

Walker’s campaign declined to say how much the ads cost.

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