Racine fugitive had 57 warrants for his arrest, but police finally caught up to him

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RACINE -- How can someone with dozens of open warrants for arrest still be out of jail and able to commit violent crimes? That is the question as it pertains to one fugitive that keeps bonding out and staying a few steps ahead of the law.

His past convictions include battery, OWI, criminal damage to property, theft and more. Zedtric Cottingham, 36, has had numerous stints since 2001. In fact, he has 57 open warrants for arrest.

The Racine County District Attorney tells FOX6 News, Cottingham was able to cut off his GPS monitoring bracelet and flee to Arizona. At some point, he returned to Racine. On Sunday, July 29, things got crazy.

A criminal complaint says Cottingham fought with his ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend got into a friend's car and -- and the complaint says Cottingham rammed the vehicle and spit on the car before taking off.

A short time later, the complaint says Cottingham struck his current girlfriend, telling her to call police and blame her injuries on the ex-girlfriend. A 5-year-old child in the home told police it was Cottingham who hit the woman -- and that he crushes pills. Police discovered various drugs and scales.

The girlfriend then told police it was Cottingham who had been beating her during the day -- hitting her with his fist, a shoe and a broom. Police searched the home and noticed a pile of debris. Officers observed a human leg sticking out of the debris. After several commands, Cottingham "emerged from the filth."

The complaint indicates Cottingham initially gave a false name. When police arrested him, officials figured out his past and saw his warrants dated back years.

One official tells FOX6 News Cottingham was able to post his bond and get out because most of his crimes were misdemeanors -- until now.

Cottingham has a hearing in court on Thursday, Aug. 2.

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