Take on the challenge of a sunflower maze at Leatherberry Acres in Baraboo 🌻

BARABOO — There is no doubt you’ve heard of and possibly even ventured through a corn maze sometime in your life. But have you ever taken on the challenge of a sunflower maze?

Leatherberry Acres in Baraboo offers such an experience. It’s a maze that covers roughly seven acres — plenty to get you lost (even only for a little while).

Their Facebook post reads as follows:

“Leatherberry Acres 2nd annual Sunflower Maze Days! We will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm beginning August 8th. This isn’t just a field of flowers folks. We have 7 acres of Sunflowers that we want you to get lost in. That’s a few miles of paths wandering amongst the sunflowers.”