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‘Chills you to the bone:’ Thousand feel grief, gratitude as they honor fallen Officer Michalski

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MILWAUKEE -- Thousands of people paid their respects as the funeral procession passed from Oak Creek to Milwaukee and Brookfield. People said the least they could do take a moment out their day to show gratitude to Officer Michael Michalski.

For a man who touched so many lives. Most never knew Officer Michael Michalski but said his service and sacrifice will be something they will never forget.

A procession made its way from Oak Creek, passing along the interstate. Officers lined up as a sea of blue and red pass by making its way to Milwaukee.



Outside of the police administration building, silence fell upon downtown as flag is illuminated by sunshine. The procession passed beneath it.


"Just to see something like this happen and how many people it hurts and affects, it just chills you to the bone," said Julie Janikowski who was paying respects.


Janikowski feels a special connection to Officer Michalski and his family. She was married to a police officer for 14 years. She brought blue and black ribbons to give to other mourners.


"It's just so sad, you wish you could do more for the family and for the police officers," Janikowski said.

It's a sentiment shared by so many who have gathered here.

"I just feel a sense of gratitude toward the officers and I just wanted to come down and pay my respects," said Kerri Schmidt, paying respects.


Schmidt said she knows what's like to see a loved one in possible harms way as her son was in the military.

"I'm just sort of overwhelmed with the sadness and grief that people must be feeling," Schmidt said. "It's just heartbreaking."



The hearse led by motorcycles was followed by squads from across the country as it entered Wisconsin Memorial Park.

A final resting place for a man who has connected a community through his passing.

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