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‘It’s traumatizing:’ 8-year-old Milwaukee boy recovers after being shot 3 times

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Derrion Kelly

MILWAUKEE -- An 8-year-old boy is recovering after being shot three times. Derrion Kelly was sitting on a relative's porch on Monday evening, July 30 when gunfire came from a passing car. An uncle of Derrion told FOX6 News, one bullet was just a centimeter away from possibly ending the boy's life.

This is the time of year an 8-year-old boy would normally be outside playing with friends. Fourth grade at Engleburg School does not start for a few weeks. Instead, Derrion Kelly is hospitalized with three gunshot wounds.

Child shot near 34th and Locust

Leonte Jackson

"One of the bullets went through his back and came back out the side -- pierced his kidney," said Leonte Jackson, Derrion's uncle.

Another bullet is lodged in his arm. A third was surgically removed from his abdomen.

"He's definitely having a hard time breathing. He still has the tubes in his nose. It's unbelievable, you know what I mean?" said Jackson.

Derrion Kelly

When the shooting happened near 34th and Locust on Monday evening, Derrion's mother saw it happen.

"Mom was literally right there. She's witnessing the bullets flying and her main concern is, 'I got to get to my son.' So the bullets are flying. She's running towards Derrion and Derrion is running towards the house. Bullets are flying. Once she got him in the house, she realized it was a little too late. He was already hit," said Jackson.

Derrion's mother is still by his side, now at the hospital -- hoping for his speedy recovery.

Derrion Kelly

"You shot a child three times. You shot one car two times. You shot another car seven times. Over 10 bullets. When do you stop? You're finishing the clip. It's not acceptable -- not at all," said Jackson.

Derrion's physical wounds are expected to heal. His emotional wounds may be more difficult.

"He wakes up every hour and that is his main question. 'Am I safe?' It's traumatizing to him right now," said Jackson.

Stark Foods will be donating school supplies and bikes for Derrion and his sister on Friday, Aug. 3 There is also a Go Fund Me site where you can pitch in.

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