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Suspects in attempted carjacking at Oak Creek motel found hiding in Speedway bathroom

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Suspects arrested at gas station (13th & College)

MILWAUKEE -- Two attempted carjacking suspects, age 18, were arrested after police say they barricaded themselves in the bathroom at the Speedway gas station near 13th and College in Milwaukee.

Oak Creek police said the attempted carjacking happened on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 2, around 2 p.m. at the Red Roof Inn at 13th and College.

The victim was found on scene with minor injuries to his leg.

While on scene at the Red Roof Inn, officers learned of a disturbance at the nearby gas station.

MPD's Tactical Enforcement Unit had responded, and after approximately two hours of negotiations, the two suspects from Milwaukee were arrested.

Mike Pelzek

Oak Creek police will be seeking charges for the attempted carjacking.

"Not every day this happens. This is a quiet neighborhood. It's a spectacle. You don't want to be around something dangerous, but it's in your mind. You gotta see what's going on," said Mike Pelzek.

Those watching what unfolded said the mood shifted around 4:30 p.m. when the police K-9 started barking and officers started running around.

"Nothing happened for a good hour until you saw the posture of the police change. My hotel is just right over there, so from my perspective I'm coming home to police cars thinking 'oh my goodness, need to check it out,'" said Paul Neve.

Paul Neve

Suspects arrested at gas station (13th & College)

After nearly two hours, police escorted the first suspect out in handcuffs, and patted down another suspect by a squad car. Several officers wore masks and exhibited symptoms of possible mace use.

"They must have sprayed pepper spray inside or some kind of OC spray because it was affecting their senses and they were coughing and spitting and drooling. It's not like this neighborhood. We have occasions where the cops are here now and then, but nothing like this. I just wish the neighborhood would go back to normal and that people who are going to do wrong would just stay away from this area," said Pelzek.

Suspects arrested at gas station (13th & College)

Milwaukee and Oak Creek police were both involved because this gas station is right on the border of the two cities.

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