Neighbor tells FOX6 News woman struck by vehicle near 42nd and Courtland

MILWAUKEE -- Police were on scene near 42nd and Courtland Saturday afternoon, Aug. 4 -- where a neighbor told FOX6 News a woman was struck by a vehicle.

Another neighbor told FOX6 News on camera the victim lives in the neighborhood, and was apparently going to the store when she was struck.

"I heard some tires screeching and I heard a lady screaming. I didn't see anything but I did hear the contact with the car and the lady screaming. I started coming over here -- these are my friends and that's how I met her. I started talking to her and ever since then she'll come knock on my door just to see my little daughter. She'll knock on the door every morning for her. Lady nice. Don't bother nobody. Mind her own business, you know? Don't bother nobody at all, you know? Nice lady, man. She lives on the corner house right there. Just come out, go to the store, don't bother nobody. Or she come out, knock on my door, see my daughter or just sit over here with us, you know? We don't bother nobody. Sit on the porch. Talk," said Monte Butler, neighbor.

FOX6 News has reached out to police for more information. This story will be updated as we learn more.