Bring the taste of the State Fair to your own backyard! Some fair-inspired foods

MILWAUKEE -- An unexpected favorite food is emerging at the Wisconsin State Fair this year -- waffles. On a stick, of course! Our food expert, Christina Ward, joins Real Milwaukee to help you recreate some recipes at home.

When Christina visited the fair, she discovered one of the popular items at a number of vendors this year was variations of waffles... on a stick.
Today she's offering several combinations and variations that you can create at home.

  • Waffle dipped chicken nuggets on a stick
    (Waffle batter + Chicken tenders (homemade or grocery store)
  • Bacon Cheddar Waffles
    (Waffle batter + cooked bacon + cheddar shreds)
  • Breakfast in the Waffle
    (Waffle batter + cooked sausage)
  • Waffle dipped Snickers & Milky Way on a stick
    (Waffle batter + candy bars)
  • Waffle Pizza on a stick
    (Tube of pizza dough + pepperoni + mozzarella cheese, marinara dipping sauce)
    'Tube Waffles'- Cinnamon Roll, Orange Roll, etc.