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23-year-old woman fatally shot near 35th and Clarke, neighbor says ‘it happens a lot in this area’

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened near 35th and Clarke on Wednesday, Aug. 8 -- in broad daylight. Police identified the victim as Courtney Jones.

The call came in around 2 p.m. FOX6 News found investigators at the scene taking a close look at what was inside a dark colored car -- with the doors open and the trunk. It's unclear at this point whether that car was involved.

Homicide at 35th and Clarke

Police said despite life-saving efforts, the 23-year-old woman died.

"She was laying underneath her car door. Her boyfriend was picking her up -- 'talk to me. Talk to me' -- but her eyes rolled back and she dropped, and he instantly got up and got on the phone. Three minutes later it was like 'no pulse. She's not breathing' -- and her family came and started screaming and crying," said Georgia Coleman, as she clutched one of her many nieces and nephews.

Neighbors said the woman was shot right outside her home.

"It's just sad, you know, that you can't walk up and down the street, can't drive your car, without nobody shooting at you. It's sad. You don't understand it and you never know what the situation was," said Deanna Johnson.

Homicide at 35th and Clarke

Homicide at 35th and Clarke

Authorities spent hours sifting through the dark vehicle at the scene, but police haven't confirmed whether the victim or any others were inside.

"It's real sad around here that that is happening to women. I don't think it should happen like that," said Eveles Harris.

Lazerion Pricgipson

All eyes were on police, including an 11-year-old boy's, who had permission from his mom to tell us how the violence impacts him.

"It's hard to see criminals out here and it's hard for me to not come outside and play," said Lazerion Pricgipson.

He said he simply hopes for a safe place to play, away from the police tape.

"I just thank God because luckily I wasn't outside when it happened," he said.

Coleman said sadly, she wasn't that phased by the violence.

Homicide at 35th and Clarke

Homicide at 35th and Clarke

"Not gonna lie -- I'm kind of used to seeing people getting shot or situations like that going over here 'cause it happens a lot in this area. I am concerned 'cause it's a lot of my nieces and nephews around, that when people shooting like that, anybody could get hit in crossfire and I got eight of them," she said.

The investigation is ongoing.

Homicide at 35th and Clarke

Homicide at 35th and Clarke

Homicide at 35th and Clarke

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