‘These drills are so important:’ First responders take part in exercise where car was hit by streetcar

MILWAUKEE -- A test run for the Milwaukee streetcar took place Thursday, Aug. 9 -- but not for the streetcar itself. First responders took part in a training exercise where a vehicle was hit by the streetcar, and someone became trapped underneath.

It would be a horrifying situation to have happen, but if it does, those involved in Thursday's drill will be ready to respond at a moment's notice.

"It all went off pretty darn good," said Deputy Chief Aaron Lipski, with the Milwaukee Fire Department. "They are never perfect, never will be, but it was really, really a vast improvement even over a few months ago."

Four fire departments, emergency response crews, utility providers and more were on scene -- being put through their paces, from shutting off the power grid to getting the streetcar off the dummy.

"Lot of energy running through these wires and we can't get too aggressive with moving this thing around until that's all de-energized," said Lipski.

"The streetcar is completely new to the fire department, as well as the city of Milwaukee, and that's why these drills are so important," said Nick Poliak, firefighter.

The drill took just an hour-and-a-half, but when asked how the mock emergency went...

"They are unique challenges, but today we are hitting the marks," said Lipski.

This was the second time a drill of this nature has been done, and if they were ever called upon for something like this, the first responders said they'll be ready.

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