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‘That was my only dog:’ Police seek suspect(s) who stole terminally-ill girl’s 11-week-old puppy

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Police are searching for the person who broke into a terminally-ill girl’s home and stole her puppy.

"She makes me feel comfortable inside. I really miss Annabella. That was my only dog," said Dakaia Gray, 8, who is battling brain cancer.

Annabella is an 11-week-old American bully.

"I wanted to get her a dog to help her with the anxiety and stress that comes from fighting cancer. We haven't lived here that long, and so I don't know who would have known we had the puppy," said Shala Browning, Dakaia's mom.

Browning told WGHP their home on Chapel Hill Road was broken into while they were visiting family Saturday night, Aug. 4.

Police are actively looking for whoever stole the dog that Dakaia says brings her comfort.

"She sleeps with me. Lays down with me and tries to lick my face," said Dakaia.

Police in Burlington, North Carolina have asked anyone with information to give them a call.