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Man accused of punching George Webb employee in the face enters not guilty plea

Raphael Calhoun Jr.

MILWAUKEE -- Raphael Calhoun entered a plea of not guilty on Tuesday, Aug. 14 to a charge of substantial battery.

Calhoun, 28, is accused of punching a female employee in the face at a George Webb restaurant near 21st and Mitchell on July 28.

Prosecutors say the convicted felon was dining at the George Webb restaurant near 21st and Mitchell around 1 a.m., when he complained his order was taking too long.

Waitress Miranda Schaefer and manager Veronica Kaehler told FOX6 Calhoun then followed them into the kitchen and punched unsuspecting Kaehler in the face. The entire incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

"My arm actually caught the fall from me going into the grill," said Kaehler.

Schaefer says Calhoun then continued to come toward her, only backing away once she pulled out a handgun.

A preliminary hearing was held Tuesday. The court then found probable cause and bound Calhoun over for trial. He is scheduled to be back in court on Aug. 27.

Raphael Calhoun Jr.