Caught on camera: Man in Riverwest seen cutting locks, stealing bikes in broad daylight

RIVERWEST -- People in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood are keeping a close eye on their bicycles after a brazen bike thief was captured on camera.

Neighbors believe the thief is part of a duo responsible for a handful of bike thefts in the area.

Surveillance video shows the accused serial bike thief in action. In the video, the suspect can be seen pulling out a bolt cutter and snapping a bike lock in broad daylight.

Derek D'Agrella

"I was just amazed that this guy was just out there in the middle of the afternoon going for this," said Derek D'Agrella.

It happened outside D'Agrella's Riverwest apartment. The bike belonged to his girlfriend.

"I looked over and I was like, 'something is not right.' My bike was gone and the lock was on the ground," said Kaleigh Schmidt.

Schmidt said the bicycle bandit got away with more than just her brand-new, $500 set of wheels.

"It's really important to me. It's how I get around," said Schmidt.

Neighbors believe the suspect works with another man who keeps watch.

On Monday afternoon, Aug. 13, the same suspect attempted to sneak off with Shawn Sales' bike outside the Riverwest Filling Station.

"I had to run out just to see what was going on," said Sales.

Sales made it outside just in time.


"Because the lock was already cut," said Sales.

Sales confronted the suspect, who told him he was trying to get his bike back from his ex-wife.

"Right when he told me that, I just took the bike and left," said Sales.

Neighbors said they're hoping the videos will be the key to unlocking who is behind this string of crimes.

Milwaukee police said they are aware of the bike thefts. They continue to search for the suspects.