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Former MPD officer investigated for witness, victim intimidation while awaiting trial in sexual assault case

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Dominique Heaggan-Brown

MILWAUKEE -- Newly unsealed search warrants show former Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown may have been involved in witness intimidation leading up to his sexual assault trial.

According to the court documents, investigators thought there was something up when Heaggan-Brown didn't have any outgoing mail while he was in jail, but other indications seemed to point to other forms of correspondence.

Throughout the summer of 2017, investigators say Heaggan-Brown called multiple family members and friends while in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail, awaiting trial for sexual assault.

Dominique Heaggan-Brown

Dominique Heaggan-Brown

During that time, investigators allege Heaggan-Brown was passing written letters to those family members through unofficial channels. According to a newly unsealed search warrant, police say "three envelopes" were funneled out of jail through his inmate property bags and collected by family.

Phone conversations were recorded, allegedly stating he "did not want to take the rap for something he knows did not happen," and worried about how he'd be perceived at trial -- saying it "all comes down to character and who you believe."

A friend later allegedly told him that Heaggan-Brown's attorney, "has a private investigator that could reach out to these people and get ahead of the game." These people presumably being witnesses as the basis for the search warrants allege conspiracy to intimidate victims and witnesses.

One search warrant -- dubbed a sneak and peek -- asked a judge to allow secret access to Heaggan-Brown's jail cell to obtain any correspondence with family.

Heaggan-Brown was acquitted in the shooting death of Sylville Smith in August of 2016, that sparked a weekend of unrest in Milwaukee.

Body camera video -- Sylville Smith case

He was charged with sexual assault but reached a plea deal in that case, and was found guilty on other felony charges.

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