After exciting primary victory, Leah Vukmir gets back on the campaign trail

Leah Vukmir

WAUKESHA -- One race down and another to go. Leah Vukmir didn't waste any time getting back to the campaign trail.

"I'm ready to take it to the next level," Vukmir said.

Eager and excited after a primary victory over Kevin Nicholson, Senate GOP nominee Leah Vukmir spoke to voters on Saturday, Aug. 18 with a message of uniting the Republican Party.

"Let get mobilized let's get energized," Vukmir said. "Now we have to come together."

As she prepares to take on her next hurdle: Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin.

"Tammy Baldwin does not represent our Wisconsin values," Vukmir said.

Highlighting the issues she has with her opponent, Vukmir rallies support for November.

"She embraces policies that average Americans and average Wisconsinites find extreme," Vukmir said.

Standing alongside Senator Ron Johnson who's pleased to support Vukmir as an ally in supporting conservative goals.

Ron Johnson

Leah Vukmir

"I really would like to have a colleague that would help me grow our economy support the policies of President Trump we made our tax more competitive we want to secure the border we want to have a functioning legal immigration system," Johnson said.

Saying the future of our country is at stake, Vukmir shared some of her plans.

"I feel very strongly that the issues people are most concerned about such as replacing Obamacare, Vukmir said. "As a nurse, I really want to be a part of helping with that and building border security here and in every corner of the state and continuing to provide tax relief to the good citizens of this country."

Meanwhile the Democratic Party of Wisconsin responded with this statement:

"Corporate special interests handpicked Leah Vukmir to lead their national stealth lobbying organization, and she's been working for those powerful interests for 15 years in the state legislature, while selling out Wisconsin working families, retirees, and kids. Leah Vukmir is not on our side."

Vukmir continued her tour Saturday making stops in Fitchburg, Weston, and Green Bay.

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