‘You could hear her screaming:’ Woman taken to hospital after crash near 60th & Lincoln Creek

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man is receiving praise on Saturday, Aug. 18 for his quick thinking when a three-car crash occurred right outside a home he was in.

"I was in my sister's house when I heard the accident, the cars crashing, so I ran out front," Thomas Anderson said.

At the intersection of 60th and Lincoln Creek in Milwaukee, a three-car accident left gas, and bits of metal scattered across an intersection.

60th and Lincoln Creek Crash

"I yelled to them in the house, on the porch, that somebody needed to call 911," Anderson said.

Anderson, who was visiting family nearby, was the first on scene. Providing help right away -- he moved quickly.

"When I got to the front door the guy said, 'I have a baby in the back,'" Anderson said. "I tried pulling open the door, and was getting ready to smash the window open so I could get to the baby, and he's like 'No my baby's OK.'"

Witnesses said two of the cars crashed into each other -- while the third vehicle, a red van, was nicked in the side.

60th and Lincoln Creek Crash

"When it clipped that van, and the van sent it swerving into that tree," witness David Barham said.

"The red van over there, she was in pain -- you could hear her screaming," Anderson said.

Those who live in the area said unfortunately accidents like this are far too common in their neighborhood.

"Usually when you hear that much noises you get concerned and stuff," witness Destinee Anderson said.

60th and Lincoln Creek Crash

Witnesses report that a fourth car was involved in the crash. However, police on scene said conflicting reports about an additional vehicle leads them to believe that car wasn't responsible.

Again, the condition of the woman taken to the hospital is unknown at this time.

Milwaukee police are investigating the incident.

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