Found safe: 16-year-old Armoni Chambers located by police

MILWAUKEE — A teen at the center of a critically missing investigation has been found safe. Police say 16-year-old Armoni Chambers has been located.

Chambers mother, Bonnie Bruno, said in a news conference — held alongside community activist Tory Lowe — her daughter has been part of a program in Milwaukee since she returned home on June 18.

“She’s always in the company of an adult — a responsible individual,” Bruno said.

Friday, she was dropped off at the Boys and Girls Club, located near 24th and Rogers at noon. She left sometime after 5 p.m. Bruno says Chambers’ crisis stabilizer did not pick her up on time.

Armoni Chambers courtesy: Tory Lowe

“I trusted that this program wouldn’t fail us. We were a team and a part of this team was supposed to pick my daughter up yesterday, and to my knowledge they either forgot or they were late but Armoni is not in a mental state where you can leave her hanging.”

Bruno says the Boys and Girls Club is a place where Chambers visits for activities about three to four times a week.

Bonnie Bruno

“I would never leave her here for more than three hours but I wanted her to get back in the swing of things,” Bruno said.

Chambers was missing for more than a month back in May. Bruno says she received a tip that Chambers got on a Greyhound bus in Milwaukee and headed toward Chicago.

Family, friends and help from Tory Lowe eventually tracked her down.

According to Bruno, Chambers missed her medication on Friday, and getting picked up around 5 p.m. was irregular for her.

“These are all things that play a part in mental illness,” said Bruno.

When Chambers went missing back in May, Bruno says she alerted Milwaukee police but received little support. This time, she says it’s been different.

“MPD, last night really went above and beyond with what they were doing. I just want to let people know that they are aware that they made a mistake before and they are doing everything in their power… What they’re doing is, I’m really grateful,” Bruno said.

Again, Milwaukee have confirmed Chambers has been located and is safe.

Armoni Chambers