‘There were no sirens:’ Neighbors assess damage after EF0 tornado in Delavan

DELAVAN -- An EF0 tornado touched down in Delavan in Walworth County Monday night, Aug. 20 -- rattling residents and leaving damage in its wake. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported.

The National Weather Service surveyed the area on Tuesday and confirmed the tornado, with speeds reaching 70 miles-per-hour. This, as neighbors assessed their own damage.

Fast and furious is how Delavan residents described Monday night's storm.

"It was moving like crazy. It just -- boom -- hit, rain came down, the wind started," said Krista Linhart.

Surveillance video from Kunes Country car dealership caught a portion of the circular wind gusts. While it kicked up debris, Marvin Bultman said it seemed much more forceful by his home near Bradley and Highway 50.

"The walnuts off the tree shot right through and broke the window," said Bultman.

Marvin Bultman

He was startled as his peaceful evening turned alarming very quickly.

"Everything was quiet, then all of a sudden, just like that, something big. I didn't know what the heck, I heard windows breaking," said Bultman.

On Tuesday morning, he and other neighbors cleared their yards and walkways as city crews came by picking up piles of leaves and tree debris.

The damage ranged from minimal to substantial -- from broken tree limbs and snapped branches, to uprooted trees strewn across property.

"There was a branch on top of my vehicle," said Linhart.

"There was a lot of damage in a short time," said Kathryn Fraas.

Many said they're grateful it wasn't worse.

"I was kind of scared. There were no sirens. It was too soon. It came up too fast," said Fraas.

Again -- no one was hurt.