Train carrying non-hazardous material derails in Wauwatosa, no injuries reported

WAUWATOSA -- A train derailment in Wauwatosa late Monday night, Aug. 20 threw 13 cars off the track and cut power to some We Energies customers. It happened around 10 p.m. just north of the Mayfair Collection near Penzeys Spices.

On Tuesday, Union Pacific Railroad officials worked as fast and as safely as they could to clear the derailment. The train was carrying a non-hazardous material. The battalion chief believes it was some type of construction sand.

"It seems like it's pretty contained on the tracks," said Tracy Justham, onlooker.

Train derailment in Wauwatosa courtesy: Zack Emmons

By noon Tuesday, more than 12 hours after the derailment, several toppled cars could be seen about a quarter-mile down the track from Justham and her two sons.

Jimmy Justham said his father lost power overnight, about the same time the rail cars lost control. It made Jimmy and his younger brother curious about what it takes to clean up such a mess.

"We thought if we weren't in emergency personnel or workers' way, we'd come back and see what was going on," said Tracy Justham.

No injuries were reported, and at least one track appeared to be clear by early Tuesday afternoon, as the cars slowly rolled by the scene.

"It's going to be quite a while. They've got quite a few workers out here," said Tracy Justham.

We Energies reported 48 customers lost power because of the derailment, but power has since been restored.

The cause of the derailment has not been released.