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‘We’ve got to do something:’ State AG talks about public safety challenges facing law enforcement

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Attorney General Brad Schimel

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel called a roundtable discussion with Milwaukee County law enforcement officials on Tuesday, Aug. 21. It was part of Schimel's 72-county tour to discuss public safety.

From Menominee County to Milwaukee County, the attorney general is speaking about the challenges law enforcement officials face -- including the drug epidemic.

"We've got to do something on the prevention side," Schimel said.

Leaders in the room said they have discovered that more drugs are being laced with fentanyl.

"They're risking their own lives, but they're risking the lives of people around them," Schimel said.

Coming into contact with those deadly drugs is a concern being raised by several police chiefs.

Dennis Nasci, West Milwaukee Police Chief

"This is kind of that unknown thing. You can walk in, and it can be absolutely innocent and next thing you know, you've been exposed to fentanyl," said Dennis Nasci, West Milwaukee police chief.

"We're going to lose an officer -- and that's what we're desperately working to prevent," Schimel said.

While many agencies now carry Narcan, Chief Nasci said fentanyl hits fast.

"And you worry about that because what if there's no one around to help them," Nasci said.

Schimel said he is going after the people putting that product on the streets.

"When we catch those dealers, we're going to try to get a rocket ride. We're going to try to put them in prison for a very, very long time," Schimel said.

Attorney General Schimel has two more stops before his 72-county tour wraps up. Later this week, he will visit Brown County and Waukesha County.

Schimel is currently running for re-election and will face Democratic challenger Josh Kaul in the general election on Nov. 6.

Below is Josh Kaul's statement on Schimel's 72-county tour:

"Under Brad Schimel's failed leadership, Wisconsin's opioid epidemic has gotten worse and our meth problem has grown rapidly, testing delays at the state crime labs have increased, and we’ve done far less than we should to address school safety. As Wisconsin's Attorney General, I will tackle the opioid and meth epidemics like the crises they are, I'll support universal background checks for gun purchases, and I will advocate for long-term funding for mental-health treatment in our schools."

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