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Trendy and easy to style: Stylist is in with hottest back-to-school haircuts

MILWAUKEE -- It's the time of year parents have been waiting for and students dread. But, maybe a new do can get them ready for back to school. Jonelle Todd with Supercuts joins Real Milwaukee with the trendiest styles for kids this fall.

A classic fade into a hard part. It's still a really big trend for boys of all ages. For easy styling on hectic school-day mornings, make sure the hair dries in the direction you want it to lay. So, after bath time at night, comb it in the direction you want it. In the morning, put some product on the edge of the part, and you`re ready to go!

As girls get older, they want to grow out their hair. The lob is really popular for this age group. Some layers in the back and one length in the front reduces some bulk in the back and makes it lay nicely so it's easier to style. For this age group, the lob is a transition haircut, so it tends to bother them when the hair is in their eyes.Simply put a braid in the front. This takes less than a minute to do, but it will keep the hair out her eyes, so it's not distracting her in class.

Long hair is always a big trend for girls, but it's difficult to keep long hair healthy. After a long summer in the pool and outside in the heat, a deep conditioning treatment is recommended to help repair summer damage and prevent new damage. If your daughter wants to keep her hair long, you still want to bring her in for a haircut. Trimming the ends will get rid of those split ends and keep the hair healthy. Use a de-tangling spray in her hair after showering at night to make styling in the morning easier.

Kids should come in for their back-to-school haircuts about a week before the first day of school or picture day to give you and your child enough time to get used to it and find out the fastest way to style it on hectic mornings. Boys should get their hair cut every six to eight weeks to maintain a style. Girls at least every two to three months, even if it's just for a trim. Haircuts promote healthy hair growth.

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