Milwaukee Brewers give kids some ‘major league’ help going outside, staying active

MILWAUKEE -- It's becoming harder and harder for people to put down their phones and go outside -- that's especially true with kids who also play a lot indoors. But on Friday, Aug. 24, a group of children got some major league help stepping outside.

"It's important for these kids to get off the couch," Mary Beth Mielke said. "Everybody's gaming and doing all of these things - it's important that they're out there and active."

Brewers National PLAY Campaign 2018

Brewers National PLAY Campaign 2018

So thanks to the Milwaukee Brewers, a group of kids got some major league help to be better about going outside and being active.

"We're going to go through some of the warm-up stuff that our players go through on the field," said Brewers head athletic trainer Dan Wright.

Brock Mielke

One of these kids is Brock Mielke.

"Because I love this place, this stadium, I like Brewers games," Brock said.

A 17-year-old with Down syndrome, Brock and his peers were put through the professional hurdle of training. Running, jogging, stretching, and even practicing hand-eye coordination with Brewers catcher Steven Vogt.

Brewers National PLAY Campaign 2018

"Trying to teach them the importance of being able to have that active lifestyle and how that is a benefit for you as you grow up," Wright said.

And while they worked up a sweat, smiles made their appearance -- because Friday was all about being on your feet, and keeping things moving.

Brewers National PLAY Campaign 2018

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