College students march from Green Bay to Milwaukee to raise money for veterans

MILWAUKEE — It’s a 140-mile journey with the hopes of raising awareness and possibly saving lives.

Four students at St. Norbert College in Green Bay, marched all the way to Milwaukee’s lakefront.

The trek started Sunday, Aug. 19 and it ended Saturday morning, Aug. 25.


They’re raising money and awareness for veterans and their struggles with suicide.

“It’s fantastic to see that what we did, that we were able to go through a little bit of discomfort make such a big difference for all the people that are here and hopefully all the veterans that will be supported by the thousands of dollars we’re going to be able to raise through this event. It’s really heartwarming,” said Avery Zucchi, walked from Green Bay to Milwaukee.

The students say they hoped to raise about $20,000 for the cause.